SnapMirror seeding

Snapmirror is a great way to mirror your data including snapshots to another filer. However the so called baseline sync is a full copy of your primary data. This initial seed is not always possible over the network. NetApp has provided a mechanism for this: SnapMirror to tape (SMtape). To use this feature, you need […]

CommVault Simpana 10

The software has been released and a dedicated microsite is live! Also the documentation is available here: Commvault 10 introduction video: Videos I have created a few screen captures of CommVault Simpana 10. All videos are available in a playlist: Admin console: Installation: Process monitor: VMware integration: Automatic VM selection: Dynamic client computer […]


A few days ago, Symantec released NetBackup of new features: vSphere 5.1 Support – Consuming VDDK 5.0 U1 VMware backup host is now supported on the following operating systems: •  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 x64 •  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 x64 Bare Metal Restore is now supported on the following operating systems: […]

CommVault patch order

When updating your environment, always the following order to apply patches: CommServe MediaAgents Clients A best practice is to use the software / update cache to distribute updates to all components.

OPSCenter login

Logging on to the Symantec OpsCenter console  For administrator initial logon, the user name is admin and the password is password After the initial log on, change the user name and password.To change existing passwords, use Settings > User Preferences > My Profile view in the OpsCenter console.