CommVault 10 – Top 10 new features

CommVault Simpana 10 is around for 5 months. I have working with version day from day 1.
This article will list my top 10 of new features.

  1. Smart client groups
  2. New software support:
    Hyper-V 3.0 (including .vhdx)
    SharePoint 2013
  3. Staging area for the CommServe cache
    With this feature, there is little chance the Software cache will get corrupt.
  4. New content indexing
    The new content indexing is competly based on open source software from the apache foundation.
  5. Content store
    Not really new, but now open to other software and vendors, the store where all data sits.
  6. VMware enhancements:
    vCloud integration
    Automatic discovery
    Failed Virtual machine backup
    Check free datastore space
  7. CommVault Edge
    This piece of software enables access to your (backup and archive) data from any place, device and time.
  8. partitioned DeDuplication database
    The new version 4 of the DeDup engine has a nice feature: partitioned DeDup DB.
  9. One pass
    Already present in version 9, but now the default and much better integrated.
    Also available for several NAS devices.
  10. Desktop and laptop optiom
    Auto backup of modified files (CDR)
    Smart content definitions based on file type and content