Exchange 2013 Public folder item-level recovery

In Exchange 2013 public folders are available. They are sometimes called modern public folders.
For more info, read the following page:

The big change is the layout, Public folders are stored in mailboxes and not in a seperate database.
CommVault skips these mailboxes with the MailBox agent. They are off course included in the database backup.
But the offline mining tool does not see the items in a public folder mailbox.

So, the question is: How do we recover Public folder items stored in Exchange 2013 mailboxes???

I found a solution combining two solutions:

  1. CommVault 10 database file recovery
  2. Veeam Explorer for Exchange 2010 & 2013. Unlimited trial version available!

First we restore the Exchange DB using the Out of place restore to file location, this option is available in version 10 when restoring a Exchange DB.


We then open the Veeam Explorer for Exchange 2010 & 2013.
You must add the appropriate ese.dll for each Exchange version, CommVault always restores this file in the directory where you restored the DB.
You can add the ese.dll via the options.


We select the option “Add store” and point to the restored DB location and log directory.



Click “Open”

Now we can recover our single item or items directly to the original location.



In OWA the files are available again!


Thanks to Peter van der Meijden for assisting with the Exchange setup and configuration.
He has his own blog: