Recover a corrupt VM using GParted live CD

This post summaries a procedure I used to recover a corrupt VM. The VM had 15 snapshots when we looked at the disks, however VMware did not show any. Disk consolidation did not work, it ended in an error. Using vmkfstools to clone the disk also ended with an error. Storage VMotion also did not […]

NetBackup – VMware query

Symantec NetBackup has a special policy type named “VMware” which is a special flash backup policy. In this policy, you can easily create queries to automate the VM selection to be included in that policy.Also, the pagefile is excluded.See image below for a sample query to backup all VM’s on datastore “Production”, not VM “VMware […]

CommVault – VMware backup best practices

CommVault Simpana 9 has a really good en scalable VMware VADP integration. This document describes the best practices to succesfully implement VMware backups. Backup level Disk level This level is designed to backup and restore a complete VM. This level is also called a container backup. Volume level This level enables volume backups, with the […]