Commvault gridStor with partitioned deduplication and Nas storage

We have created a standard installation for creating a high performance, fault tolerant, active-active setup with two CommVault mediaagents. We use partitioned deduplication and GridStor. the following diagram is an overview of the environment. We noticed that the Books online is not all that complete in all the steps, so I decided to make a […]

Exchange 2013 Public folder item-level recovery

In Exchange 2013 public folders are available. They are sometimes called modern public folders. For more info, read the following page: The big change is the layout, Public folders are stored in mailboxes and not in a seperate database. CommVault skips these mailboxes with the MailBox agent. They are off course included in the database […]

CommVault version 8 end of support

On December first, support for version 8 will end. With version 10 available, CommVault maintains support for their two latests version: 9 and 10. So support for version 8 will end. If you have not yet upgraded, now is the perfect time to plan this. My employer has a standard upgrade in place (in dutch). […]

CommVault 10 – Top 10 new features

CommVault Simpana 10 is around for 5 months. I have working with version day from day 1. This article will list my top 10 of new features. Smart client groups New software support: Hyper-V 3.0 (including .vhdx) SharePoint 2013 Lync Staging area for the CommServe cache With this feature, there is little chance the Software […]

CommVault Simpana 10

The software has been released and a dedicated microsite is live! Also the documentation is available here: Commvault 10 introduction video: Videos I have created a few screen captures of CommVault Simpana 10. All videos are available in a playlist: Admin console: Installation: Process monitor: VMware integration: Automatic VM selection: Dynamic client computer […]

CommVault patch order

When updating your environment, always the following order to apply patches: CommServe MediaAgents Clients A best practice is to use the software / update cache to distribute updates to all components.

CommVault – VMware backup best practices

CommVault Simpana 9 has a really good en scalable VMware VADP integration. This document describes the best practices to succesfully implement VMware backups. Backup level Disk level This level is designed to backup and restore a complete VM. This level is also called a container backup. Volume level This level enables volume backups, with the […]